Keld today

Keld is a very special place; at Keld “a sundial records the hours but time is measured in centuries” (Alfred Wainwright).  

In English terms Keld is remote.  The village is located in the north west corner of the Yorkshire Dales National Park close to the county boundaries of North Yorkshire, Durham and Cumbria. 

The landscape is an exquisite expression of the Dales vernacular comprising rough dry stone walls, field barns and hillside farm houses.  The village which is scarcely more than a hamlet stands besides the River Swale and features the largest concentration of waterfalls in England.  

Keld truly is what Celtic spirituality calls ‘a thin place’, where the dividing line between the holy and the ordinary seems exceptionally narrow, indeed the poet W.H.Auden said of the area that it is ’one of my holy places‘. 

Keld is home to a small, agricultural community.  It also welcomes thousands of visitors a year, particularly those walking along the two National Trails - the Pennine Way and Coast to Coast Walk - which cross just outside the village. 

Keld Resource Centre brings together a number of local partners and the wider community to help to preserve, explain and interpret this special place and to make it accessible to everyone.  We're based in three Grade II listed buildings at the heart of the village which we are progressively restoring and returning to productive use.

Find out more about Keld, and our projects, activities and events, under the 'visit Keld' section of this website.  We look forward to welcoming you to Keld soon.